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There is no ends the way of sushi…Maximize the whole life sacrifice. Ashino sushi rice brends two kinds of rice and using Mt Fuji water cooked by Hagama (iron kettle羽釜). All fishes comes not only from Toyosu market but also all the artisan called Shinkei Jimei Shi(神経締め師). Each fish are cureld by work like Jukusei (aging熟成), marinate, kobu Jime (sandwich in kelp昆布締め) and so on. We focus on the temperature of fish and sushi rice. Our style is not just cut fresh fish and attached to sushi rice. Please get seasonal taste of your Omakase Edomae sushi experience in all the Counter seats.     Owner Chef Taku Ashino

Owner Chef Taku Ashino

Owner Chef Taku Ashino trained as a sushi chef in Tokyo for more than 10 years and was invited to be head sushi chef in Hide Yamamoto at Marina Bay Sands in 2013. He later opened his own sushi restaurant, Ashino at Chijmes in 2015.

Our Menu


Appetizer, Sushi 11pcs, Hand roll, Miso Soup and Hand made ice cream

2 Appetizers, Sashimi, Sushi 10pcs, Hand roll, Miso Soup and Seasonal Fruits



1 Appetizer, Sushi 12pcs, Roll, Miso Soup, Fruits and Hand made ice cream

5 Appetizers, Sushi 11pcs, Roll, Miso Soup, Fruits and Hand made ice cream

Sushi Omakase



We prepare various sake. Shinkame (神亀) to Jyuyondai (十四代) or Kokuryumuni (黒龍無二), IsoJiman Adajio(磯自慢アダージョ). Each Sake has proper temperature like cold, room temperature, warm, hot, cold after hot (kan zamashi) and so on. For example, we serve you Jyuyondai Honmaru (十四代本丸) with warm temperature.

*Prices are Subjected to Prevailing 7% GST and 10% Service Charge

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Ashino Edomae Sushi
30 Victoria street 01-23 Chijmes, Singapore 187996
+65 66844567 Email: reservation@ashino.com.sg

Operating Hours

Tuesday to Sunday: 12pm to 2pm/ 6pm to 9:30pm (close on Monday)

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